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Unlike a freelance translator or an in-house employee, a translation agency can easily manage different types of projects, regardless of their size, because it has a group of collaborators selected for their skills and experience.

It also has a contractual commitment to deadlines, which protects you from risks such as a freelance translator becoming ill or having a computer problem. The agency also uses expensive translation tools that many translators cannot afford. These tools guarantee quality work because they improve translation consistency. Finally, a translation agency offers rates that take into account your budget constraints, the volume of your project, its complexity, etc. We offer you all our services to help you with your international projects.

Clients often ask how much work we can handle in a short period of time. Logically, the work capacity of professional human translators are limited by the number of words they can translate per hour and the number of hours per day they can dedicate to a project without diminishing the quality of their work.

Each translation project is unique and involves different deadlines. Translating a legal text is not the same as translating press releases. The combination of languages involved can also influence the translation time.

If you opt for a translation service, it is advisable to include your desired deadlines. Using a figure to give you an idea. Take, for example, 1,200 words per day for a general translation from French into English. But note that this figure is only a guideline. You should also keep in mind that 20% of the time dedicated to the project is for project review.

In the case of a collaboration, we try to adapt to the needs of our clients where we may even offer batch delivery for large volume projects. In this way, the client is free to choose the order of priority for receiving the documents, providing for a high degree of flexibility.

Once the request for translation has been received, a project manager will review your project, with whom you will be in direct contact throughout the process until final approval. The project management department is at the core of our company responsible for:

  • Reviewing your precise needs;
  • Preparing a concrete response and project plan
  • Selecting the specialized translator(s) who will be in charge of the project until it is completed;
  • Receiving and checking the translation so that it fully meets your expectations;
  • Delivering the translation in the medium of your choice;
  • Long-term follow-up throughout the process. Our work continues after delivery and we are available for any comments or questions that may arise.

Do not hesitate to consult our work methodology for more information.

Yes, we do. However, a minimum fee does apply. 

Discretion is part of the professional ethics of translators. All documents entrusted to Accuracy value, whether or not they are considered “confidential”, are considered as such. 

However, we are prepared to sign a “Confidentiality Agreement” if the client so wishes.

Translation is the process of transferring ideas expressed in writing from one language to another.
Interpreting is the translation of ideas expressed orally or through the use of body parts (sign language) from one language to another.

Many agencies quote by number of pages. At Accuracy value we consider this to be an unfair pricing model for our clients, as most of the documents we translate nowadays contain images, graphs or tables that take up a large part of the documents. That is why, whenever possible, we use a per word pricing model. In this way, clients who wish to request our services at a later date will have an idea of our pricing per word, always taking into account the type of translation, languages, volume and specialization, as well as other aspects that influence pricing.

In exceptional cases, when a word count cannot be performed because the text is a non-convertible scan for example, we will provide you with a quote based on per page pricing. In these cases, we must bear in mind client formatting requirements of the document to be translated. There are also certain documents such as diplomas, employment certificates, authorizations and others, which are priced per page.

As each project is unique, we work with our clients to make them aware of the issues and requirements surrounding their potential translation project to provide the most appropriate solution. We will be pleased to discuss your potential translation project with you.

Yes, we can. If necessary, we can translate very high volumes in a very short time. Speak directly with one of our project managers to see if we can meet your desired deadline. We offer several solutions. 

Your personal data are rigorously preserved and protected and will not be passed on to third parties. Rest assured that we use your data in accordance with current regulations. And if you are concerned about this issue, you can consult our General Terms and Conditions of Sale for more information about how we treat client data. 

We are always reminding our clients that translation is a profession and like all other professions, it requires several years of formal and rigorous learning. Spending a few years abroad is certainly very enriching and useful for conversation, but it won’t necessarily help you translate a technical manual with complex terminology in an unfamiliar field. In addition, many nuances may be lost, inspiration may be lacking, or “the right word” may not be found. Entrust your translations to qualified translators who master each sector of activity for a quality result.

Unlike a human translator, a machine translator does not recognize the context of a document. In addition, some machine translation platforms use English as an intermediate language between two languages, which increases the risk of error.

While machine translation may have made significant advances in recent years, it remains one of several translation tools to assist translators understand the overall meaning of a text as a whole. It can never replace a human translator, who will understand all aspects of a project and add a human dimension, essential grammatical accuracy and nuance to the text. Only competent human translators can produce a translation that takes into account all the subtleties and ambiguities of the text. The result will look like a text written directly in the target language. Humans, not machines, still control the project itself and have the final say in translation decisions. We recommend that you do not entrust your documents intended for publication to this type of platform because the result can be unfortunate.

In short, only a professional translator can provide a quality end‑product that guarantees your credibility with your clients and vendors.

If you need an urgent translation, please contact one of our project managers, who will review the feasibility of delivering your project within the deadlines indicated. If a large volume of words is involved, this usually involves splitting the document among several translators for further review by an editor to reduce inconsistencies.

In general, the price of a translation is calculated according to several criteria: the number of words to be translated in the source document, the language combination, the nature of the document, the sector of activity, the desired deadline, etc. If the services of a specialized translator are required, or if the text is highly technical, the rate per word will be higher than normal. If additional services are required, such as typesetting, the rate per word will also be higher. Do you have any questions or concerns? Need more information? Do not hesitate to contact us

In this case, we charge for what has already been translated. Please refer to our General Terms and Conditions of Sale for more information. 

Once we have received your request for a quote, you will be assigned one project manager who will review your project requirements to advise on the most appropriate solutions and with whom you will liaise throughout the process until final approval. The project management department is the core of our company responsible for:

  • Reviewing your precise needs;
  • Preparing a concrete response and project plan
  • Selecting the specialized translator(s) who will be in charge of the project until it is completed;
  • Receiving and checking the translation so that it fully meets your expectations;
  • Delivering the translation in the medium of your choice;
  • Available when needed. Our work continues after delivery and we are available for any comments or questions that may arise. Accuracy value offers long-term monitoring.

Do not hesitate to consult our work methodology for more information.

Sworn translation is an official translation service that can only be performed by certified translators-interpreters in each country. Unlike simple professional translations, certified or sworn translations have a legal value before official bodies. In addition, they must be issued on paper, as they must include the translator-interpreter’s stamp and signature, among other things. In this way, the latter legally certifies the authenticity and accuracy of the content of the translation.

However, this requirement may vary depending on the organization in question or the type of document. Therefore, it is necessary to know exactly what type of translation is needed in each case. If you do not know your exact needs, please contact us and we will be happy to help you.

These are our language combinations: Arabic – Berber – Brazilian – Bulgarian – Chinese – Croatian – Czech – Danish – Dutch – French – German – Greek – Hindi – Hungarian – Italian – Dutch – Norwegian – Portuguese – Romanian – Russian – Spanish (LA and ES) – Swedish – Thai – Turkish – Bulgarian – Bulgarian – Czech – Spanish (LA and ES) – German – Portuguese – Russian – Thai – Turkish Please do not hesitate to contact us if the language you need is not listed above.

No, the price per word of the source text is the standard in the professional translation industry. This price is transparent and leaves no room for unpleasant surprises. We provide customized translations that are culturally and technically adapted to your needs. 

Yes, we can make changes once the translation has started. However, depending on the progress of the translation and if a considerable amount of text is to be added, a surcharge may apply. Delivery time may also be affected. Do not hesitate to consult with your project manager. 

Yes, you can. In addition to translations, Accuracy Value also proofreads texts in all languages. Email your document to Accuracy value so that we can estimate the price for the requested revision. Please note that we do not accept texts that have been previously translated by automatic translators. This is a daunting task for translators. Not only do they have to find possible grammatical, syntactical and punctuation errors, inconsistencies in relation to the source text, etc., but they also have to completely reformulate the text so that it conforms to the ethical standards of the profession. Moreover, the end result would not be a natural translation at all. Wouldn’t it be easier to translate the text directly?

See our proofreading services for more details.

All you have to do is provide us with the document you wish to have it translated. It’s as simple as that! Wherever possible, please provide us with any reference documents with similar content or, better yet, previous translations of other documents in the same field of activity.

These can be of great help and speed up the translation process. In addition, we may identify recurring terms and translation options (especially in the case of older translations) that we can reuse to ensure the consistency of your document in relation to other texts.

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Our goal is twofold: to provide translations with the best quality standards in the industry that also integrate our clients’ corporate strategy. Your search is over. Please request a quote from us.

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