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If you need to add subtitles to a video for another target market, Accuracy value makes the process easy and guarantees the best results. 

Subtitles offer a multitude of advantages, increasing the ability of a video to reach a wider audience. Translating when subtitling is a specific exercise that requires cognitive skills of synthesis and analysis; it takes longer to read a sentence than to listen to it.  Our translators are familiar with the requirements of subtitling and are used to dealing with these constraints in order to deliver the best quality output, with adapted and optimally synchronized subtitles.

Whether you are located in Spain or abroad, Accuracy value will transcribe your video’s text (if you do not have the script), as well as translate it if necessary, before inserting the subtitles that synchronize with the images. All this while conveying the style and content of the video and making sure it is correctly localized for the target audience.

Do you want to add subtitles to a movie, a TV series or a documentary?

We handle subtitling in almost all language combinations.

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Subtitling is commonly used for: