Legal and sworn translations

Legal translations require a high level of accuracy and the use of clear language. A mistranslated legal term, a miscopied sum of money or a misplaced comma in a contract, will, bylaws or any other legal document can cause a damaging delay and serious complications for the parties. 

We work with translators who have an excellent command of the different branches of law. Therefore, they treat your project with the necessary rigor and perform documentation work if they encounter particular difficulties.

Accuracy value also offers sworn translations. These translations are done by translators authorized by the authorities to issue sworn translations that are true to the original. The authorities consider sworn translations to be in conformity with the original. Sworn translators sign all their translations, as well as the originals, by affixing their seal. Sworn translations are usually required for official documents such as birth certificates, marriage certificates, identity documents, diplomas and academic transcripts, etc.

Specialists in legal and sworn translations

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