The art of oral translation

Interpreting is the oral translation from one language to another. There are several types of interpretation depending on communication constraints and challenges.

Whether you have an official visit, a congress, a meeting or a conference, we will find the right interpreter for your needs, your field of activity and your expectations! We will offer you the quality and professionalism you need for your events. 

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Accuracy value ensures that your interpretation needs run smoothly and dynamically. Our interpreters will provide a quality service based on the different types of interpreting skills required. 

Conference interpreting or simultaneous interpretation

It requires an excellent command of the languages involved and the field of specialization. Simultaneous interpreting requires exceptional concentration and interpreters only work in short sessions. Therefore, in most cases a couple of interpreters and special equipment (headphones, booths, microphones, etc.) are required.

Consecutive interpretation

The interpreter waits until the speaker has finished his or her sentence before translating. This is usually done in front of smaller groups than in the case of conference interpreting.

Liaison and whispered interpretation

Liaison interpreting is for small groups or site visits and does not require any equipment. It is mainly used during business negotiations. In whispered interpreting, the interpreter whispers the simultaneous translation into the ear of a single person.